The SecureCom Difference

SecureCom Mobile™ integrated software system employs cutting edge encryption technology for private smart phone communications. Each device runs on the Android platform and is agnostic to version to deliver fast and functional encryption operations over existing carrier networks without added fees.


Fashioned after the popular Android interface, SecureCom Mobile™ is simple and straightforward to use. All peer-to-peer calls and texts use an intuitive menu that references personal contacts and displays secure communications. You just call and text as usual. Non-secure calls or texts to outside devices are prominently displayed as UNSECURE. Encrypted or not, SecureCom Mobile provides seamless access to all of your contacts. Simply put, our apps replace your phone and text apps and give you the option to encrypt or not.


Our Device-to-Device encryption uses peer-to-peer key negotiation with every communication. Keys are destroyed at the end of every call or text conversation, eliminating the possibility of a security compromise. Each new voice or text communication uses a new set of keys.


We built our service to provide true device-to-device security – no one can listen in, no one can wiretap, no one, but you and the subscriber on the other end, has access to your communication — not even us.


Continued Software Product Innovation and Independent Audit:


SecureCom Mobile™ is dedicated to continued product innovation to make our secure communications solutions the best possible. All customers receive “push” updates of new software versions as part of their subscription. The open source code for all software versions is published and each new or updated software installation is independently audited to ensure its compliance.


Open Source Code, Leading Edge Encryption Programming:


The only trustworthy alternative — this is NOT a black box solution. While many communication tools claim enhanced privacy as a feature, proving it is another matter. The best products are the ones that use existing and widely accredited cryptography as much as possible. SecureCom Mobile™ leverages the cryptanalytic expertise of the worldwide community by utilizing respected, open standards that have been subjected to scrutiny and testing. Our software’s source code is available to the public to further demonstrate the absence of any backdoor.


 Independent Audit Confirms Encryption Software Conforms to Open Standards (no back doors):


Few people have the expertise or time to verify our published source code. SecureCom Mobile™ is unique in offering assurance to customers that software updates are trustworthy by partnering with security experts from around the world. SecureCom Mobile™ updates must be verified by “arm’s length” experts before customer devices will allow them to be installed. Coercion by any agency to create a “back door” is impossible, as multiple international audits of software versions and updates must conform to publicly disclosed source code on an ongoing basis in real time.


 Traffic Obfuscation:



 Technical Support:


We operate in a complex field, with our data systematically catalogued and stored by clandestine international agencies. Knowledgeable staff will provide assistance to customers and teach them how to maintain their own communications security.


Multiple Platforms:


Our communication encryption solutions will be supported on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows platforms, providing the widest base of operational installations on the world’s leading mobile operating systems. In addition, computer and tablet support will be present on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS platforms.


 Encryption Communication Knowledge Updates:


Secure communications is an ongoing process that develops over time in an ever- changing environment. SecureCom Mobile™ is dedicated to informing customers about new software features, evolving communications issues, technological challenges, world communication issues, and other important topics so the consumer can take control of his communication security. Informational updates are available by push to the customer via an interface portal in the software.


The product and services offered by SecureCom aim to address increasing privacy concerns that have become ever more apparent in today’s world.[1]

SecureCom technology 08-26-14