SecureCom Mobile, Ltd. was founded for the purpose of creating a suite of consumer software for “securing” mobile phone conversations and digital messaging. It is easy to use, and guarantees private and confidential communication.


As the world of surveillance and hacking grows and our online information becomes more personal, the need for new and better privacy protections are required. Whether you are sharing pictures of your children or talking about your company’s sales projections, your texts, data, and phone calls belong to you and should remain private.


Our open source software solution is designed to be used everyday on every call and text or data message. There is no need to switch back and forth from your native phone text and call apps because of functionality or reliability. We strive to create a user experience that is as easy to use and as reliable as your phone’s native text and phone app, with complete security from prying eyes and ears.


What is open source software?


Open source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available for anyone to review, study, evaluate, change and distribute to anyone for any purpose.


Why is open source software important when using encryption software?


Many software manufactures have shown their willingness to support access to our personal data even while they assure us that we are secure. A recent example of this is one regarding RSA cryptography.


Hushmail and Windows are examples of programs that provide access to personal data and substantiate the importance of using reliable encryption software.


With open source software the code can be examined by any programmer so it can be trusted to be exactly what you intend it to be. This is an example of “Trust by Verify.” OSS is the anchoring principal and fundamental technical requirement of encryption software for any SecureCom Mobile™ product. Trust no one that will not prove you with the code used to encrypt your messages and will not guarantee that it is absolutely private and devoid of back door or other compromises. This information is your right to have and is the fundamental tenet of the SecureCom product mandate.


Why is SecureCom more reliable then other software apps?


SecureCom Mobile™ deploys multiple servers and relays throughout the world to increase reliability. We strive to provide the most reliable network of secure calls available today.


How is SecureCom’s app easier to use then others?

We are developing a user interface that will easily explain how to set up your phone to be secure. If you have tried to use encryption software in the past and have felt like you needed to be a software engineer to understand it, this software is for you. Our goal is to create a user experience that is easy to understand, intuitive to use, and free from the typical encryption software complexities.