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SecurePair Messaging at the Google Play Store & BlackBerry World & Coming Soon to the Apple Store

SecurePair Messaging App enables people to communicate via instant messaging in a secure, private application. All messages are encrypted “end-to-end” with a protocol that ensures that no one, not even SecureCom Mobile, can access your communication. SecurePair Messaging is open source, enabling anyone to verify its security and create modified versions to suit any purpose. SecurePair Messaging runs on a wide variety of Android devices, including tablets without telephony support. Phone numbers and email addresses are supported as user identifiers. The Messaging App also supports file transfers and group messaging.

The SecureMail Attachment feature of the SecurePair Messaging App permits the user to send and download encrypted photos and files of different formats and sizes to and from other SecurePair Messaging App peers.

SecurePair Voice at the Google Play Store & BlackBerry World & Coming Soon to the Apple Store

SecurePair Voice enables people to communicate with encrypted voice communications. After installation, it registers your phone number with our private communications servers as an active SecurePair Voice user. It will also search your phone books for already registered SecurePair Voice numbers and make your entire phonebook available to call. Again, as with all of our applications, Cryptographically strong algorithms, based on AES256 encryption protocols, shield communication from surveillance. Encryption is end-to-end and, thus, cannot be circumvented by mobile carriers or even by SecureCom Mobile itself.

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