How It Works

When a SecureCom Mobile™ subscriber makes a phone call or sends a text/private message to another SecureCom Mobile™ device that transmission is secured and encrypted ``end-to-end`` from the subscriber’s device to the receiving device (running the same software on a secure network). SecureCom Mobile™ subscribers can also call non-subscribers based on regular calling plans. Calls and texts to non-SecureCom Mobile™ devices are not encrypted.


The best products are the ones that use existing and widely accredited cryptography as much as possible. SecureCom Mobile™ leverages the cryptanalytic expertise of the worldwide community by making use of well-known, open standards that have been subjected to scrutiny. Our software's source code for our programs is available to the public to further demonstrate the absence of any backdoor.


Our system offers complete privacy for both ``peer-to-peer`` mobile voice calls and texts and data/attachments. These are all completely encrypted and only the sender and recipient (not even SecureCom Mobile™) have access to the private communications between SecureCom Mobile™ devices. Only the device sending and the intended recipient receiving the voice/text/data messages have access to voice/text/data unencrypted information.